Action Centre

You can do your bit to save Aarey.

  1. There is no way the government will know that you care about Aarey unless you let them know by a physical letter. Only when thousands of letters reach the Chief Minister and other officials will they appreciate the need to save Aarey. You can refer to the attached draft letter and use the same or modify as per wish.
  2. Give some time and volunteer on a number of tasks. Learn the essentials about the issue and go speak in schools or your office or building. Get in touch for more details by sending an email at
  3. Sign the online petition at
  4. Spread the word on social media


Authorities associated with Aarey whom you should let know your concern about saving aarey

  1. Chief Minister of Maharashtra
  2. MPs of Mumbai
  3. MLAs of Mumbai (they decide within the state government legislative assembly on passing adequate legislation to protect Aarey for perpetuity.)