Donation Information:

People who have donated should email to  after donation so that we can tap the donation from other Credits to the account.

If you want to donate (No Amount is Small Amount) do email to & they will share Instructions for donation (Bank Account Numbers etc).

Direct Crediting or sending money to our Bank Account won’t ensure tapping / tracking of funds. MANDATORY to send email to on sending Donation.

(Necessary receipts / certificates will be provided by NGO)

Basis demand, we have updated our areas where we are seeking “Change bringing Corporate / etc donation” for Aarey Milk Colony Forest of Mumbai.

Have a look at our vision in the power point presentation attached. If you work for a Corporate, do share this PPT/PDF with them so that the company can contact us for CSR opportunities. Likewise if you are looking to sponsor any of the activities by yourself do reach out. If you are not able to download the PPT do reach out to me at  & i shall send the PPT directly again

If you want to do a Fund Raiser in your Societies/ Colonies and need simple information about Aarey cause, download the Aarey Handout.doc file attached.

If you have a Corporate, a link, a Urban Planner  who can independently look to sponsor / conduct a study on the “Vision PLAN for Aarey Milk Colony along with its current value & effects after the Green Zone vanishes”  do reach out to us directly.

Aarey- Corporate Sponsorship PPT