You can volunteer time to be present at various awareness events being organised by us. We would like to be present every Sunday at Equal Streets and we need volunteers with good communication and engagement skills to speak with visitors and enroll their support.

Scmm 2015 -aarey

Calling for Authorities Specific Volunteer Groups

If you are interesed in Garbage / Waste Management for Aarey, reach out to –  luhar79@gmail.com

If you want to become SEMI Active Volunteer (Contributing only 6 Hours a Month) .We will add you onto the Semi Active Aarey Volunteers Group. We will let you know the activities planned and basis you availability you can choose to Volunteer if FREE.

We need 2 Volunteers urgently here. You can already see, work is in full swing here.

If you are interested in meeting various authorities do reach out to : –  saveaarey2020@gmail.com

We need a team here. Big Team.

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